Thursday 29 August 2013

Youtoobling - Let's Twerk

For my latest night of Youtoobling (finding one video after another, loosely connected, and Tweeting them as if anyone was watching) picked up the vogue term of Twerking. It apparently refers to a raunchy style of dancing but, as I noted, didn't used to in my childhood...

How come everyone's using the word Twerk wrong all of a sudden? I invented that at school. A cross between Twat & Berk & was first used to describe my classmate Geoffrey Snushall. I invented . Bloody kids, ruin everything.

Restless Natives, Edinburgh What the city looked like, & Big Country sounded like, in 1985

I'm more blown away by the ability to drive the length of Princes St than anything else

"Eat your Vermicelli Joe" Peter Sellers & Sophia Loren Bangers & Mash

Mambo Italiano, French & Saunders Top tip: DO NOT GOOGLE "Raw Sex" on YouTube. *gulp* *gurgle* *pant*

Who Can It Be Now? Men At Twerk

Senses Twerking Overtime, XTC

The Troggs Tape done by Kraft-twerk Kraft-twerk. See what I did the..?

Twerking For The Yankee Dollar, The Skids

Devo, Twerking In A Coalmine (live on Countdown, apparently)

There's A Guy Twerks Down The Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis, Kirsty MacColl

Where's Captain Twerk?, Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

Twerk Wears White Sox, Adam & The Ants

Do The Twerk, Jackson 5

Young Twerks, Rod Stewart *realising how tiresome this game is*

Is it just me or is Miley Cyrus a spectacularly inept dancer? Really. My cat dances better than this.

"Wash my mouth out with soap & water" Peter Cook & Dudley Moore

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