Monday 12 August 2019

I Can't Stand The Rain - Scottish Falsetto Socks revisited

Sunday was such a solid day of rain, making flyering undoable, that the Socks made a video. Or rather they remade a video, revisiting a classic we made 11 years ago, in the early days of Socks Edinburgh videos. This time round they rerecorded the music, making it all themselves, which didn't stop Youtube immediately sending out a Copyright Claim. Pah, it's all their own voices this time. Do place enjoy the Socks' new version of I Can't Stand The Rain.

If you're interested in comparing and contrasting, the 2008 original is here.

Until August 25th, The Scottish Falsetto Socks ROLL UP! at the Gilded Balloon Patter Hoose 9.30pm, every night of the Edinburgh Fringe 2019. On sale now!

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