Saturday 19 December 2020

Corporate gig and Christmas cards - end the year busy

The Socks' final performance of the year has ended up not being a live show in Barton On Humber (Tier 3 has put paid to all the Fingers Crossed Tour gigs), and also not being the final performance of the year.

On Friday night (Dec 18) we did a corporate! And, as far as I can judge, it went well. A company called Big Top produced a series of virtual end-of-year parties for corporate clients and the Socks were able to do one. (Ironically we'd had to decline another because of the Fingers Crossed live shows that didn't happen). We performed two 20 minute sets and, because the clients were in the States, didn't start till 10pm and finished our second set at just short of 11.30. 

The client was, I learnt just in advance, going to be happy with the same 20 minute set twice, but I'd prepared two. So they got I'm A Sock, Halloween, Earth Song, and Magic in the first set, and I Change The Key, Shall I Compare Thee, Little Drummer Boy, Star Wars and an encore of Earth Song in the second. Yes, they actually called for more, which I hope means we'd got away with it. It's hard to tell with a Zoom audience, especially one which had kids in the audience (I chatted with a couple of 5 year olds before each set, and had already tailored the material in anticipation. Though a 'cock', a 'bastard', and a 'sodding' had crept in under the radar, I realised too late).

As I say, that won't now be the Socks' final gig of the year as I've added a show on December 31st. Because it was suggested in the post-show chat at last weekend's Xmas Specials, I'm trying the Socks first ever Quiz Night. Quite how this will work I don't know. I know that, if we get a sellout of 60 tickets, that buzzer rounds are out of the question. I'm thinking on it.

Tell you what, there's a gig before that, I'd almost forgotten to mention. Dec 27th the Socks are co-hosting Dean Friedman's Hanukkah Show, a two hour extravaganza with special guests. Best get plugging that!

I've managed to stay surprising busy in the final weeks of the working year, with Christmas card commissions (eg the one above, and the strip from which you see an excerpt below) including my annual pun based one for Louisa, and the family photo one for Jude. And this week we had a new window fitted in the bathroom (I only mention here, otherwise we're bound to forget when these things happened).

Christmas cards have been posted, we're off for some last minute Christmas shopping today, and before you know where you are it'll be the big day itself. With no way of visiting Aud & Den in Wales, and the decision made not to visit Jude and family in London, we'll be having a quiet one at home. Let's make it a good one everyone.

Now, I'm acutely aware that, this time last year, I was already drawing Findlay Macbeth, and this year I've been so damn busy I haven't written anything on the next book (working title Twelfth Thing) for a month. Maybe work will commence next week. Let's see.

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