Thursday 16 December 2021

1960s & Eurovision Colouring Books - and more growing sales

It never rains but it pours, when it comes to me churning out colouring books. Having got a lot of interest for my 70s, 80s, 90s & 2020s Pop Star Colouring Books through October and November, and finding them really good fun to write and draw, I went to town on my 1960s Pop Star Colouring Book. 45 pages of drawings, most of which are done in a much more detailed style than the previous books, and with 45 new articles, all longer than the previous books, I even like the cover better than the others. This is my favourite colouring book so far, and went on sale on December 9th.

While I was waiting for the 60s book to process and to get its first sales (which appear about 4 days after its gone on sale, I find) I also found myself at Robins & Days garage at Cribbs Causeway waiting for my car to get serviced. With four hours on my hands, and only my phone to work with, I dreamt up and wrote the best part of 30 small articles that would comprise a Eurovision Pop Star Colouring Book. 

I also sounded people out on Facebook and got a lot of good feedback, including Ewan Spence, mega-Eurovision-expert, who gave me some top tips on who to include and not. And lo, within a weekend, I'd drawn the 33-and-a-third images that would make up the book. (Okay, it's 34 images, but I've realised branding them as having variously 45 or 33 & a third images works well with my theme). 

Having put the word out to, and got a lot of responses from, various Eurovision Facebook groups, sales have started coming in already. In fact Eurovision has started selling faster than any of its predecessors. Being well aware that this is the run up Christmas and sales will be going through a bump that won't continue after the next week or so, here's what sales look like. (NB Dec 14th & 15th so far have seen my single highest sales days, of 15 and 16 books per day respectively)

Amazon sales Nov 16 - Dec 15 2022

1960s Pop Stars (pub Dec 9)  - 4 
Eurovision (pub Dec 14) - 9
1970s Pop Bumper (pub Nov 20) - 29

1970s Pop Original - 12 (total 24)
1980s Pop Stars - 47 (total 85)
1990s Pops Stars - 11 (total 17)
2020s Pop Stars - 25 (total 30)
Pop Stars Annual - 12 (total 15)

Total Amazon sales Sept 17 - Nov 16 2022
1970s Pop Original - 12
1980s Pop Stars - 38
1990s Pops Stars - 6
2020s Pop Stars - 5
Pop Stars Annual - 3

And now what have I started..?

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