Saturday, 25 December 2021

Merry Christmas From Hev, Kev & Tadpole

 Merry Christmas everyone, from Hev, Kev and Tadpole.

A story comes with it. Tadpole is our cat. And he's sort of been our cat for the last 12 years, except he wasn't ours, he belonged to Annie & Tony next door. We never fed him, but he'd come round to ours all the time. Then, when they sold next door and were about to move, we bit the bullet and asked if we could adopt him. They nearly bit our hands off. Of course the chance to pass on a needy food-devouring monster, who's 15 years old and about to cost us tons in vets bills, was an offer they couldn't refuse.
So Tadpole, nee George, has been officially our cat since February 2021 and can, for the first time, appear on our Christmas card. He's doing a colouring book, cos that was my big thing recently.
A Happy New Year when it comes.

2017 - Kev F comic card, the Socks' card
2016 - Kev F comic card, the Socks' Shakespeare card
2015 - Kev F comic card, the Socks' Minging Detectives card
2014 - teasers for mine & the Socks' cards, I failed to put the finished things online!
2013 - Kev F schools card, the Socks don't seem to have had one
2012 - Hev & Kev's fairytale card (a classic, above), Kev F schools card,
2011 - Hev & Kev's and the Socks cards
2010 - Hev & Kev's card (below), and Kev F comic card

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Pop Star Colouring Annual with 50 images from 70s to now

Kev F Sutherland, as well as writing and drawing for The Beano, Marvel, Doctor Who, and graphic novels adapted from Shakespeare, runs Comic Art Masterclasses in schools, libraries and art centres - email for details, and follow him on Facebook and TwitterHe is the host of the podcast Comic Cuts The Panel Show

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