Friday 28 January 2022

Goes Wrong Show comic strip

What a pleasant and unexpected surprise to be asked, out of the blue, to contribute to a book being put together by Mischief, the company that produced the brilliant Goes Wrong Show. They're doing it as a charity project to celebrate their 10th anniversary and, though there's a tiny bit of money in it, it's an honour to be included (which I hope I will be). I did the carics above as part of my work in progress, then put together a full page strip about things that went wrong at the original Globe Theatre. Here's the tiniest snippet...

I say there's not much in it, but to be honest it paid more than I've earned from Colouring Book this month. So, if anyone else wants a comic strip contribution to their charity books, I do a very favourable mates rates, when I'm not busy (which, let's face it, this month, I haven't really been!)

Buy the books:

Top 20 David Bowie

Top 20 Scottish Pop

Top 20 Rom Coms

Top 20 80s Pop Superstars

Top 20 Christmas Movies

Queens Of Pop

Pop Star Colouring Annual with 50 images from 70s to now

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(An old banner animation I've resurrected while searching for a better one)

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