Saturday 8 March 2014

Bob & Dave's Adventures - new comics by kids

 More new comics by pupils and students in my Comic Art Masterclasses, with groups ranging from year 3s in Norley in Cheshire to 16 year olds in Borehamwood Library, via year 8s in Newcastle Under Lyme, and primary school kids of various ages in Henley on Thames. The colours, by the way, are added after the fact. They all go home with a black and white photocopied comic containing a strip by every single one of them, and an individual caricature by me. Above you can see their covers, the titles of which they come up with between them, and the caricatures of some of their delightful little faces.

Asked to suggest a celebrity for my demonstration strip, they suggested Miley Cyrus, Nicky Minaj, Declan Donnelly, Michelle Keegan, Harry Hill, Joey Essex, and Beyonce.

The psychology of kids and how it changes as they grow is a fascinating thing to observe. On these covers I keep a record of which school they're in, and you can probably tell at a glance which titles were dreamt up by primary school kids (for Bob & Dave's Adventures I even used a couple of year 4 girls' logo and character designs) and which is by the older ones. Margareth, from Margareth's Laugh Of Horror, was the youth worker in charge of a group if 16 year olds in Borehamwood, and it is most common for older students titles to be reality based and less fanciful (I have my work cut out eliminating titles with real-sounding names in that are, in effect, cyber-bullying).

And the group who ended up with the title I Hate Everyone, ran the gamut of Year 8 cliche titles, with one suggesting "I Don't Know", another coming up with "?". The only Year 8 cliche title missing was "Your Mum".

Would you like me to come to your school, library, art centre or wherever to teach my far-famed Comic Art Masterclass? Then do please get in touch. I'm on Facebook, Twitter, email, and at the link below. Glad to be of service.

More comics from pupils in Dartford & Henley, in Hertfordshire & Weston Super Mare, in Cardiff, Falkirk, Birmingham and rural Devon. You'll find many more if you scour this blog.

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