Sunday, 9 March 2014

What the flip - flipcharts from my classes

Given the chance to set up before on of my Comic Art Masterclasses, I like to get a drawing done on the flipchart. It's fun when the kids watch me drawing, especially primary school pupils in whose eyes you attain godlike status just by being able to copy a picture of Batman from a comic.  Though of course I get a lot more done if I arrive before the kids do and can get an uninterrupted 15 minutes. As you can see above, I use reference from lots of comics because, frankly, they'll only be so impressed by a version of Wolverine, Wonder Woman et al in my style alone. Best of all they're left with something to stick on the wall. Did I mention one such flipchart page raised over £500 for charity last month?

More comics from pupils in Chorley, Newcastle Under Lyme, Borehamwood and Henley, in Dartford and Henley, in Cardiff, Falkirk, Birmingham and rural Devon. You'll find many more if you scour this blog.

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