Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Captain Banana vs Miracle Banana in this week's Beano

Continuing last week's Miracle Banana storyline, this week's Beano sees a classic battle between Bananaman and two parodies of characters from comics history that panelologists will recognise (see last week's blog if you really don't know).

But who turns out to be the character behind it all? You'll have to buy this week's Beano to find out. And they said satire was dead. (It's written by me, and drawn in cracking style by Wayne Thompson).

UPDATE: Breaking News, I have just learned there is a Bananaman movie planned for 2015. No, I'm not involved, but how exciting is that news? I look forward to finding out more.

Also in this week is my first Little Plum script, though to be honest it's been so heavily rewritten you wouldn't recognise it from the original script (that said the rewrite includes some nice gags, and the artwork by Hunt Emerson is gorgeous, the first time he and I have worked together I think).

Next week, Bananaman meets the Creepy Pasta. Order your Beano now, you don't want to miss out.
Here, a snippet from the original script of this week's Bananaman.

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