Monday 17 March 2014

Pansy Notter - Seeds

There used to be an old TV advert that said "it's the fish John West reject that make John West salmon the best". Well, the same goes for strips in The Beano. Starting shortly are some Pansy Potter strips written and drawn by me, for which I'm currently drawing a second batch of ten. But not every script has made the cut, above is one that didn't.

I deliver the scripts looking like you see above, laid out with the type already set and a rough version of the line work scribbled in. If it gets the thumbs up, I then go back and draw it larger and colour it. It's been an interesting discipline to write three-panel gag strips for the first time since Russ Carvell and I did Timeshack and the original UT strip 25 years ago (no, I don't think they are online anywhere. Yes I did just look). When they start appearing the Beano I hope you like my efforts.

Kev F Sutherland runs Comic Art Masterclasses in schools, libraries and art centres - email for details, and follow him on Facebook and Twitter. He's been writing and drawing comics for 25 years, he must know something.

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