Tuesday, 11 March 2014

My blog in a book

I don't know if this is meta, or infinite regression, or just incestuous, but above you can see a photo of this blog, in a book. Thanks to Blurb and BookSmart I've been able to slurp the contents of my 2013 blog posts into a 270 page colour book. And, if I do it again next year, there'll be a book containing a blog containing this photo of the book of the previous year's blog.

I've included most of my blog posts, excluding any that were just listings for forthcoming shows (indeed the most time-consuming part of the editing was cutting out all the gig-listings at the foot of every Socks post, and the html hyperlinks that came with them), plus I've included the posts from My 1970s Diary which I uploaded for a few months last year then lost interest in.

It looks great, and I did it because of an inherent fear that anything on the internet could just disappear overnight and I'd never know where it went - as happened last year with my Mr Site website, which had a vast proportion of its capacity arbitrarily slashed by Mr Site with no warning, ooh I'm still angry about it. So a book seems more tangible, and not something that can be remotely wiped out. Obviously I can still leave it on a train or get it nicked, but even then there's the chance of reprinting it as it's all on file.

Indeed if anyone out there should want a copy (and why anyone would want a copy of anyone else's diary I can't imagine, but you try telling that to Bridget Jones and Adrian Mole) it costs £24 and you can buy it (and see the first 15 pages) here. (Though eagle-eyed readers will have spotted that you could just look at the whole year's blog here on the blog, for free). I foresee a roaring trade.

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