Sunday, 11 October 2020

MNDT finished, and work in progress calendar

With the four pages of crowd scenes at the start of the book, which include the likenesses of a batch of sponsors who've paid for the privilege, Midsummer Night's Dream Team is completed. As I put the finishing touches to the credits pages over the weekend, I should be ready to send it to the printers on Monday.

Of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't do something distracting instead, so I've just drawn up this calendar of the work in progress of my three books this year.

Of course it's vague and imprecise, but at a guess it looks like Findlay Macbeth took 29 days to draw, Prince Of Denmark Street took 44 days (but I'm sure lockdown wasn't so severe that I didn't take some sort of break), and Midsummer Nights Dream Team (the most spread out of the three) took 40 days.

PODS was written in 14 days and laid out in 12, MNDT was written in 15 days, but seems to have taken a whole 36 days to lay out (that's definitely wrong, but I've kept insufficient notes on day that were spent doing other things, like Socks gigs, Zoom classes and day trips as the lockdown eased.)

I realise only I am interested in these things, but I like to keep a note if I can. I have begun making notes on the new book - working title Twelfth Thing - with only about a day's work done on it as of Oct 9th.

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