Sunday, 18 October 2020

My Pirate Birthday Party

Thanks to Hev for throwing me a Pirate Birthday Party last night. It was my best birthday party in years, and all on Zoom. 

We had a small and select crowd, and what a brilliant turnout (from top left: Ally, Felicity & Tom, Jude & Doug, Polly & Chris, Annette & John, Tilly &James, Steve, and Peter & Cath). The idea was to have a games night, based around a Treasure Hunt, which was all Hev's idea. I then piled in with more games, and got carried away with the visuals.

I made a series of Answer Smash questions on Powerpoint, and a Guess The Pirate wall of faces:

Then we did a handful of Scavenger Hunts, for which I'd made animated countdown clock videos, Hev made a treasure map game board with pieces for everyone, and I played pop videos for people to talk over in the breaks. I really enjoyed my bit of putting it together and, a few technical hitches aside, I think we pulled it off. The party started at 7, games were over by 8.45, no-one left for at least an hour after that, and the last guests stayed till after 11. That's a proper party, and we didn't have to make food.

That (above) is the pineapple given, nominally, as the prize to the winners. Though I think it was an 8 way tie in the end. If you're interested, the music videos we played on the night were:

Toiler On The Sea by The Stranglers
Frigging In The Rigging by the Sex Pistols (& The Muppets) 
Captain Jack Sparrow by The Lonely Island with Michael Bolton 

I want to do it again for Christmas!

Next Comic Art Masterclass Tues Oct 27:

Oct 30 - Hallo Ian Special.

Nov 7 - Old Joint Stock

Dec 18 - Lichfield Garrick

Dec 19 - Ropewalk, Barton On Humber

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