Tuesday, 6 October 2020

The Fingers Crossed Tour - Socks going live (we hope)

 We're Back! We're Live! We Hope! So say the new ads for the Scottish Falsetto Socks' Fingers Crossed Tour, three shows taking place in November and December, all going well.

These shows, in Birmingham, Lichfield, and Barton On Humber, are the rescheduling of dates that were meant to happen in the spring and got inevitably delayed by the pandemic. It's still unclear, on a day to day basis, where in the country is likely to get locked down next, and whether gigs can go ahead, with or without social distancing. But, having seen a number happen nationwide recently, these venues at least feel it's likely that we'll be able to do these gigs, so they're on sale, and it's full speed ahead. With fingers crossed.

In producing the artwork for this logo, I learned a new technique in Photoshop (from a Youtube video, inevitably) by which one can wrap a texture round a photo, in this case a sock texture round a photo of my hand. Sadly the pale sock was way too indistinct to look like anything, but it was fun to attempt. I've only had Photoshop for the last twenty years, I can be expected to know how it all works yet.

It's highly likely I'll use this same branding for any spring gigs, and maybe even for Edinburgh 2021. Who can look that far ahead? I know I can't.

As I was artworking this, Hev and I were getting new carpet laid in the bedroom and hallway, so this was done in the front room, surrounded by lots of displaced furniture. Tomorrow (Wednesday) they put the new carpet in the lounge, so I'll be camped out in the bedroom with Hev. Meanwhile the Kickstarter for MNDT has finished, succesfully, and I have a couple of final pages of artwork to do - the crowd scenes featuring the sponsors -  before I can send the whole book off to the printers.

The first Socks show to go on sale is Lichfield Garrick on Dec 18th (8 tickets sold already), the others will follow shortly.

Nov 7 - Old Joint Stock

Dec 18 - Lichfield Garrick

Dec 19 - Ropewalk, Barton On Humber

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