Tuesday 23 July 2013

Busy busy busy, Larmer Tree, Derby, Enfield, Neath...

Thanks to Juls Williams at the Clowns Pocket in Neath for the photo above. Yes, I realise most shots of the Socks on stage look pretty much the same, but look at the lovely candle on the table, why it's almost as if you were there.

There being The Duke, home of The Clown's Pocket in Neath, where the Socks played a smashing Edinburgh preview show last night, premiering the new Comicbook Song, written yesterday and currently far too fast to sing. That bit was a mess, the rest is coming together nicely. We've now dropped The Melies Brothers routine for good, and last night waved goodbye to the Doctor Who song which was never quite funny enough (if you saw it live at any of the last half dozen shows, you're in a privileged minority).

It's been a hectic week of travelling, with my last two days of schools being in Northlew in Devon Tuesday, then Halesowen Wednesday daytime followed by a Socks preview at the Hen & Chicken in Bristol that same night; The Larmer Tree Festival near Salisbury on Thursday, where the Socks played two shows, an hour at 3.30 and half an hour at 9.15, both to packed crowds, and both the most satisfying gigs of the fortnight (because they weren't Edinburgh previews we just did the old standard stuff and brought the house down, which the new material is getting close to doing but, well, you know); then Friday we were off to London for The Sitcom Trials semi finals (you are following The Sitcom Trials blog and on Twitter & Facebook aren't you?), which was quite stressful but went beautifully; then an overnight stay in London and off to Bedford for a Comic Art Masterclass in the day followed by a Socks Edfringe preview at night (whopping crowd, brilliant); then overnight with Mum in Kibworth and off on Sunday for an Edfringe preview in Derby (a Spike Mike open air do, and very nicely received, though shorter than planned cos we were following Pat Monahan - every comedian will know what that entails) followed by a show at the Mimetic Festival in Enfield the same night (in front of seven people, our smallest audience of 2013, oops, can't explain what happened there, though we were listed under Cabaret instead of Comedy so maybe nobody knew what to expect. Whatever, they were a fab audience and the show was greatest fun).

Then, after driving home from Enfield Sunday night, I had the day to rewrite the show before playing in Neath at night. Now, horror of horrors, we have only one more Edinburgh preview, in Manchester on Friday, then it's Edinburgh itself a week on Wednesday. She'll be right.

Tomorrow and at the weekend I find myself working for The Beano for the first time in five years, stay tuned for those exciting developments.


SOCKS ON TOUR - Your next chance to see the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

July 26 - Lass O'Gowrie, Manchester
July 31 - Aug 25 - Gilded Balloon, 10.15pm, Edinburgh Fringe

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