Saturday 27 July 2013

Thankyou Manchester, next stop Edinburgh

How's about that for a cracking page in The Manchester Evening News then? "Kev Sunderland" notwithstanding, it was a lovely phone interview, and even better the show was already sold out before it appeared. And what a show.

The front row included a party of 8 women who'd brought their own home made socks, which were the best socks I've seen yet. Hats, wigs, costumes, the works. Photos were taken at the end of the show and I hope they turn up on Facebook or Twitter cos I really want a copy. Honoured and flattered. The response of the audience was just as good.

They were a marvellous mix of fans and newcomers whose response to every gag just made the next gag even better, and buoyed up by that support the new material went better than ever - including an Alien routine which I'd written in the car on the way up (while my car was stood still on the M6 and satnav saw my e.t.a. rising from an original 6pm to the eventual 7.30 that I arrived at), and the Comicbook Song which had struggled on its debut at Neath and now, by virtue of being rehearsed all the way up, is now spot-on.

As is always the case with a crowd who arrive intent on liking the show, the adlibs and improvs were electric (and, of course, the video camera I'd brought with me remained unused in the car, this being the best show I could have recorded if I wanted a laugh track to paste into other quieter shows). The Macra Terror gave us a good template for how to handle Doctor Who suggestions, and thanks whoever shouted Farscape. We'll probably never get to use that adlib again, but even I was impressed by what the Socks came up with. There were some other adlibs from audience suggestions that I can't remember, if anyone can bring them to mind please let me know.

And that's it. The longest ever run of Edinburgh Preview shows is over, with the Socks having started trying out Space material as long ago as February and hardly any of the early stuff remaining in the final show, and after last night in Manchester it finally seems match fit. Let us see what happens when we play our first £5 preview night in Edinburgh on Wednesday. Grab a ticket if you still can.


SOCKS ON TOUR - Your next chance to see the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre....
July 31 - Aug 25 - Gilded Balloon, 10.15pm, Edinburgh Fringe !!!!!

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