Sunday 7 July 2013

Me & Frank, drawing in the sun

Today I was mostly doing a interview with Frank Skinner, which was the greatest fun and, if I'm really lucky, will avoid the cutting room floor and crop up in Sky Arts Portrait Artist Of The Year series later this year. When I wasn't doing that bit of the day, which to be frank, as t'were, took about 10 minutes, I was doing caricatures and teaching comics to the good people of Cardiff, and getting some sun.

Yes, I've not been writing many blogs lately what with my ludicrously over busy schedule, but two days of summer in a year like this has been weather wise merits a mention, and since yesterday I also got more sun than I can remember for ages doing the MC-ing at Shona & Kirsty's school fete (I arrived in a jacket, making me officially the most over-dressed for the weather since Hev & I arrived in Adelaide last year) it counts as blog-worthy.

So after a week that saw me driving from Bristol to Weston, Walsall, London, Manchester, Wiltshire, London, Cardiff and home to Bristol, surely next week will be easi... sorry, what's that you say? Newbury, Watford, London, Clevedon, Walsall, Gloucester, Cardiff & Sheffield? Sigh...

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