Thursday 25 July 2013

Fun in Beanotown

Here's me having fun filling a flipchart with stuff for a mini Comic Art Masterclass at Beanotown at the Southbank Centre in London. I'll be running full classes this Saturday and Sunday from 2pm, so do be there won't you?

It was a delight, for a change, to be filling the page entirely with Beano characters (can you spot them all kids?) and to be there at the behest of The Beano, as part of a promotion with Dr Martens boots, about which there'll be more as the summer progresses.

Having done the class in the afternoon I then returned in the evening to draw everyone at the Beano's 75th Anniversary party and had the greatest time re-aquainting myself with the staff of DC Thomson and meeting many of their media partners. Some interesting plans were discussed, so let us see what becomes of any of them. In the meantime I got a goody bag, which is a good start. Vive le Beano.


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