Tuesday 11 December 2018

Merry Christmas from Mum

Merry Christmas from Mum, Corral Sutherland. As you probably know she's not well and is in a care home in Kibworth, so we've helped her out finishing off the card (all the drawings are hers though) and sending them. A lucky few have the printed card, but she wants everyone to see it, and please print it out and stick it on the wall if you can.

Merry Christmas, love from Mum, Jude, Heather, me and all the extended family.

Here are some of the preparatory stages that went into the completing of the card. Mum had a couple of stabs at drawing the final five groups of characters.

The original Maids A Milking and piper, from back in September.

A first draft of the card, from September, which I'm glad we didn't go with. It's my layout and, ouch, it hurts my eyes. What was I thinking?

Mum's revised Maids A Milking, with which she was a lot happier. And in case you never saw her original Twelve Days Of Christmas cards, which began in 2013, here's how the first one looked.

Just to remind you that, when she was on top form, Mum's draughtsmanship knocks spots off anything I've ever managed to do. Merry Christmas all.

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