Monday 17 December 2018

Suck Your Bum In - the last kids comics of the year

And, with these two comics by kids at North Tawton Primary in Devon, my Comic Art Masterclasses come to an end for 2018. December's usually a quiet month, for obvious reasons, so this was a nice pair of strong covers to go out with. The first group's teacher wanted a historic theme, and got it. The second group, luckily, couldn't spell blew.

Two classes in a day, one in Knaresborough, one in Ripon. And, by dint of the fact that I'm writing this blog a fortnight later, I can remember nothing about either class. Looks like they were fun. The phrase "suck your bum in" is a thing I say to get kids to tuck their chairs in so I can get past. And now it's been immortalised, hallelujah.

This comic cover and flipchart are from an afternoon class in Resolven in South Wales (followed by a Socks gig later). It was the day after Stan Lee dies, hence the commemorative flipchart and, pleasingly, their choice for the celebrity in the demonstration strip.

I've done two classes now with kids for the Cleft Lip and Palate Association, putting together material for a Clapa comic, to be fully properly printed with the kids strips themselves forming the majority of the magazine, finished off by me. This was part of that, from a session in London.

The celebs five of these six groups chose to star in my demonstration strip were Ant McPartlin, Declan Donnelly (twice), Stan Lee and Simon Cowell (we dispensed with the demo strip for the Clapa group because of timing). Which means I can now draw up the final list of The Most Popular Celebrity As Chosen By Kids in 2018...

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