Monday 10 December 2018

Top TV of 2018 - Lost It, Also Rans, & Hast Thou Got Crops In Jethro?

My Top TV of 2018 (Part 1: Lost It, Also Rans, and Hast Thou Got Crops In Jethro?)


Winners of the Hast Thou Got Crops In Jethro? Prize (for shows that shoehorn life lessons in in place of drama. Last year’s top three were The A Word, Loves Lies & Records and The Good Place)

3)  Come Home - The wife walks out on Christopher Eccleston and the kids and he does his usual pained face, this time with a Norther Irish accent. Moral: People are complicated.

2) Collateral - A pizza guy gets shot and something something immigration and er politics and lesbian vicars and something something. Moral: Life is complicated.

1) Butterfly - Kid is transgender. Moral: You can never over-explain things too much in an ITV drama.


A dozen shows we lost interest in, or who lost the plot in 2018 (in no particular order)

Plebs 4 (new casting and location, not the show it was)
This Country 2 (novelty’s worn off)
Humans 3 (lasted only a couple of eps)
Press (soapy, one ep)
Wanderlust (one ep)
Hard Sun (one ep, it was laughable)
No Offence 3 (gave up halfway through ep 5)
Black Earth Rising (3 eps, just not gripping, though very worthy)
Lost In Space (half a dozen, don’t know why we watched that many)
Black Lightning (drifted two thirds through, was enjoying it, spread thin)
Orange Is The New Black 6 (gave up after 5 eps, sub par after previous series)
Walking Dead (didn’t even start the new series - we have the whole thing staring at us from the recorder, they’re going to get wiped unseen)


Shows we have watched and enjoyed that didn’t make the Top 25 chart.

Bobs Burgers, Brooklyn 99, Young Offenders, Urban Myths, The Repair Shop, Mrs Wilson, Bodyguard, Vic & Bob’s Big Night Out, Top Of The Pops 1985/6, Only Connect, Strictly Come Dancing, Eastenders, Richard Osman’s House Of Games 

So which shows made my Top 25 TV Shows of 2018? Read on…

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