Wednesday, 20 April 2022

Socks on BGT (or not, as the matter may be)

Here we see the socks, taking pride of place on the promo article for Britain's Got Talent's opening weekend in this week's TV Times. We're the only act pictured apart from the presenters. Does promo get better than that? Well, it's the best we've had for a while. "On the right foot: The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets". There's a very similar prominent slot for us in TV & Satellite Week, as this TikTok video celebrates...

@scottishfalsettosocks The Scottish Falsetto Socks all over the telly papers #BGT ♬ original sound - Scottish Falsetto Socks
So we prepared to watch Saturday and Sunday's launch episodes of BGT with some excitement. About to be seen by 5 million people? That's got to do something for the image, wouldn't you think? I'd duly set a regular flow of Socks videos going on Twitter, all with the #BGT hashtag, so that any curious viewers would be able to search for us and some of our good stuff would pop up. (In contrast to the bit we do on the show which, spoiler alert, is a story I'll be boring a lot of people with when it gets transmitted).

And then, well, nothing. We weren't on Saturday's show, we weren't on Sunday's show and, as far as any trailer clips that have come up so far are concerned, we're not on this coming weekend's shows either. 

I mean, I know patience is a virtue, but I thought the use of our publicity photo suggested we'd be coming up sooner rather than later. Of course now my paranoid fear is that we're not in the show at all. That they put out that publicity material, inc our photo, before they'd finished editing the episodes, and we've ended up on the cutting room floor in the meantime. 

It'll sure make a mockery of the shows I've tried publicising off the back of it. I've redesigned the ads for our forthcoming Edinburgh Preview show to include a BGT logo. I look forward to having to strip all those out when the auditions finish and we haven't appeared yet!

What Edinburgh Preview shows, you ask? Let me tell you. Here are the dates for your diary, get booking fast...

Sun 22 May 12.30 - Komedia, Brighton Fringe

June 18 7pm - Ludlow Fringe

June 23 - Grassington Festival

Sun July 3 6.15pm - Derby Bar One 

Fri July 15 7pm - Beverley Puppet Fest

Sun July 17 3.25pm - Sheffield New Barrack Tavern

Sat July 23 - Bedford Fringe 

With more dates to be added. Including our Edinburgh Fringe run itself, Stay tuned.

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