Saturday, 30 April 2022

Book sales April - Amazon & Etsy

Spot the difference? There's not a lot in it*, but anyone who buys a Eurovision Colouring Book since April 15th gets the cover on the right, which has replaced the cover on the left. This follows an amend I made last month, where a mis-captioned Bucks Fizz illustration had them labelled as Brotherhood Of Man. Anyone who has that version has a rare collectors item.

The Eurovision Colouring Book is far and away my best seller at the moment. Its Tik Tok video got 12.5K views, ten times more than any other post I've done, and it's selling a signed copy every other day on Etsy at the moment. Here are my sales stats for the past month.

Amazon (+Etsy) sales Mar 31 - Apr 30 2022

Eurovision Colouring Book        27 (+8 on Etsy) *

Book Of Esther                         13 (inc one order of 12)

Comic Tales From Bible             10

70s old                                       4

80s                                            4

2020s Pop Star                          4

70s new                                      3

90s                                             3

Punk                                           3

Queens                                       2

Scottish                                       1

60s                                             1

UPDATE: As of May 10th I've sold 43 Eurovision books on Amazon and another 4 on Etsy since May 1st. And I've drawn a 2nd Volume, which is still processing.

So, let's be honest, I'm not setting the world on fire with my publishing empire. I'm now a member of the Facebook group 20BooksTo50K, where successful writers share their stories of making tens of thousands of pounds a month, and make it sound deceptively easy. I just have to finish writing that bloody crime novel, don't I? In the meantime, the colouring books sell at a trickle, while I try and get my writing head back on, two months after the house move.

* If you're interested, on the main figure's arm, just behind Annafrid's hair, I've removed a small head and hand; and between Agnetha and Annafrid there's now a white area where previously you could see the blue background. 

Graphic novels:

Comic Tales From The Bible - 90 pages, colour, only £8.99 paperback

Findlay Macbeth

Prince of Denmark Street

The Midsummer Nights Dream Team

The Comic Book Of Esther

Colouring books:

Pop Star Colouring Annual with 50 images from 70s to now

Top 20 David Bowie

Top 20 Scottish Pop

Top 20 Rom Coms

Top 20 80s Pop Superstars

Top 20 Christmas Movies

Queens Of Pop

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