Monday 11 December 2017

Fannying Around The Christmas Tree - Scottish Falsetto Socks

Brand new from the Socks, a seasonal ditty for everyone's yuletide pleasure - Fannying Around The Christmas Tree. Enjoy.

Fannying about the Christmas Tree
When we're trying to put it up
I'm trying to get the branches the right way round
Well I wish you'd bloody stop

You're fannying around with the Christmas tree
L - You've got to get it balanced right
I know you want to stick some baubles on it
But I don't want it to look shite

R - You will get a monumental feeling up your gob
If we don't get on with sticking up holly
I'll deck your halls and you won't feel jolly

Stop fannying around the Christmas tree
Let us get some tinsel on
Or I'll stick the end of a Christmas tree
Where a Christmas tree don't belong

You will get a monumental -
- I'll go and get some glitter
I can see where this is going and I
Don't want to wind up with a double entendre

Fannying about with the Christmas tree
We've got it done by Christmas day
And we've ripped off a song by Brenda Lee
In a new old fashioned way

UPDATE: Weds am, 2 days after posting on Facebook, this video's had 5,500 views, 113 likes, 147 shares, and has apparently reached 16,666 people. Which is nice.

Friday am, 8,100 views, 140 likes, 198 shares, 22,794 reached.

UPDATE: Dec 23rd, 10,933 views, 158 likes, 256 shares, and Facebook won't tell me the reach. Instead it tells me "Your video is popular with women between the ages 45-54which is, again, good to know.

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre return with a brand new show in 2018. Stay tuned.

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