Thursday 14 December 2017

The Reindeer Song - Scottish Falsetto Socks

You wait months for a new Socks video, years for a new Christmas one, and three come along at once. Here's the latest, The Reindeer Song. Enjoy.

This is in fact a remake of a song the Socks originally recorded way back in 2008, while we were spending the whole month of December up in Edinburgh performing nightly in the Winter Wonderland show and making a video every day. The original is here.


It was the 24th of December when the call came down the line
It was the chance to work for Santa, pulling his sleigh behind
Yes I'm a flying reindeer, I've never done this job before
Flying through the skies is brilliant but, there's one thing I don't know

Am I Cupid, or am I Dancer?
I can't be Vixen, I'm not a girl
And I'm not the camp one, so I can't be Prancer
So am I Cupid, or am I Dancer?

There is a reindeer here called Donner, and one called Rudolf with a glowing nose
And an annoying one called Blitzen so I'm not any one of those
But when they handed out the nametags, I couldn't read my one, although
I don't think I'm Dasher, and I'm not Comet - you've got to let me know

Am I Cupid, or am I Dancer?
It's not that vital, but it's quite cold
And we get fed in alph-abetical order
So am I Cupid or am I Dancer?

I hope I don't give you a fright, when I land on your roof tonight
we've got all the presents that were on your list
If Santa can remember and he's not too pissed

So, am I Cupid or am I Dancer?
Or Dasher or Basher of Gnasher or Masher or Pasha or Steve?
Am I Mincer or Ginster, I wish I knew the answer

You've got to let me know
Am I Cupid or am I Dancer?
As if I've got no eyeballs, I'm a no eyed deer
And I'm on my hooves begging for the answer
Am I Cupid, or am I Dancer?

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre return with a brand new show in 2018. Stay tuned.

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