Saturday 30 December 2017

Shopping Maul or Mall? & other random musings

Someone didn't think this through at the Met Office. I'm living in a country that's preparing itself for Yellow Snow. #uksnow #uksnowmap

Were we the only people who immediately thought of this during last night's Doctor Who? (In our case we sang it quietly to each other, to the bewilderment of the rest of the family).

Settle an argument. Is it shopping mall, rhymes with Paul, or shopping mall, rhymes with Pal?

Responses on Facebook:

Maul as in Paul - 24
"Mal is British, Maul is American" - 6
Mal as in Pal - 4
Either - 1
Precinct/Arcade/Shopping Centre - lost count

I call mine Ozymandius. #uksnow

I guessed the language wrong, I am idiot. The sentiment remains the same. (Unless you're from there, which language would you have guessed? Seen in a shop window in Bristol.)

I notice the NUS's No Platform policy was adopted in 1974. Imagine if they'd done the same at Top Of The Pops. Everyone would have been 6 inches shorter.

How childish am I? Just made myself laugh, while Carols From Kings is on in the background, by remembering the lyrics:
We 3 Kings from Orient are
One in a taxi, one in a car,
One on a scooter, pepping his hooter
Wearing a ladies bra.

Dec 21: Am I going mad, or has the 1st Semi Final of Christmas #UniversityChallenge2016 gone missing from iPlayer? The other semi is there, and all other eps. But not that one. Anyone? BBC Four?…

Ooh ooh, if only there were a popular Scottish and English word that rhymed with the title of this film. Ooh ooh if only.

Now that's what I call a quiet news day

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