Wednesday 27 December 2017

Me talking Beano on Sky News

Having feared our journey back from Christmas at Kibworth would be delayed by snow, in fact it was delayed by just the usual loads of traffic. But, taking a wee break en route, I got a phone call from Sky News. Would I do a Skype interview about Dennis The Menace on Sky News? Easy peasy lemon squeezie said I. So I did.

Blimey norah, how hard was it to try and set up a bloody Skype interview? When did I last use Skype? More than a year ago, just before my old email address went tits up. So I couldn't remember my password and I couldn't sign in. And when I tried to start a new Skype account it asked for my Microsoft account, which I don't have, then told me the new version of Skype won't work on my sodding laptop which needs it operating system updating (long story don't start).

Having set off from Kibworth with an ETA, finally getting home at 5pm, it took us 45 minutes of fannying about before we finally ended up doing the interview over Hev's Skype account. The interview was live at 6.30 and, what do you know, went quite well. Apart from the fact that I momentarily got Nigel Parkinson's name wrong and called him Harrison.

If you blinked you missed it. Though you might find it archived here on the Sky News website. (Can't be sure how long it'll be there). Trust me, I was brilliant, and they'll probably have me on to talk about comics every week now.

UPDATE: Today, Thursday, I've done two more interviews, with BBC Wiltshire (a cough and a spit) and with James Whale on TalkRadio, which was great fun. I think you'll find it here. He's totally confrontational, railing against Political Correctness in a tabloid way, and gives good grist to the mill for those of us who like a good argument. I enjoyed that.

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