Thursday 17 January 2019

Doctor Who VHS mountain + mags & toys on eBay

Having struck lucky with a couple of the books I put up on eBay the other day, I suddenly thought I'd hit on the perfect way to clear an entire box out of my storage unit - my priceless collection of Doctor Who VHS videos. Well, priceless turns out to be the word, but not in the way I thought.

Not a single one has received a bid, even at a starting price of 50p. It seems these treasures, from 25 to 30 years ago, aren't wanted, and are destined to be cast into The Recycling Pit Of Terror. Ironically cast there by the very people who spent the last 30 years bemoaning the fact that the BBC threw away so many tapes just a few years before.

Should there be a keen VHS collector out there with holes to fill in their complete set, here's the list of what is on eBay for the next week (and in Somerset landfill a week hence)...

An Unearthly Child 
The Hartnell Year & Dr Who & The Daleks movie 
The Daleks (two tapes) 
Tomb Of The Cybermen 
The Seeds Of Death 
The Mind Robber 
The Dominators 
Spearhead From Space 
Terror Of The Autons 
The Daemons 
Day Of The Daleks 
The Time Warrior 
Death To The Daleks 
Planet Of The Spiders 
Terror Of The Zygons 
Masque Of Mandragora 
The Talons Of Weng Chiang 
The Power Of Kroll 
City Of Death 
Shada + script book 
The Curse Of Fatal Death 

Also some toys on ebay:

Remote Controlled Davros + 2 Battling Daleks 
Eccleston, Jack & Rose figures 
Tennant, Martha & Cyberman figures 
Weeping Angel & Werewolf figures 

And I've also relisted some Doctor Who Adventures and Radio Times:

DWA No 1 and gifts 
DWA 4 + Tardis clock
DWA 15 + fingers
DWA 19, 20 & 21 with gifts
DWA 25 + Cyberman camera 
DWA 33 + gifts 
DWA 34 + spinners 

Radio Times + Dalek cover 1999
Radio Times + Dalek cover 2005
Radio Times + Doctor Who fold out cover 2006

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The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre return with a brand new show in 2019. Stay tuned.
Feb 15/16 - Kayal Leicester 
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