Friday 8 February 2019

Mountains of tut on eBay

I have put so many mountains of tut (how do you spell that word? Is it toot? You know what I mean) on eBay that there's no time to list them here. Indeed the time I've spent putting them up there is way disproportionate to the amount they bring in. It is satisfying to get some boxes emptied though, and making the storage unit lighter would be a good thing. Though progress is slow.

What I've learned is that individual items rarely go. Though I got some interest in a 1978 Record Mirror, a bundle of NMEs only got a bid after a week of being listed individually to no response, then being bunged together as a job lot. Most things go for £2.50.

Biggest ticket item was the Clavinova, which fetched £225. Again they seem to go for more in other peoples listings, but because it had to be collected, that limited the pool of buyers.

Here for the record are my recent sales and what they've fetched (exclusive of postage)

Clavinova                                 £225.00
Trigan Empire book                  £48.50
Fowlers Universal Calculator   £42.00
Valiant Book of Mystery           £26.00
Polaroid camera                        £26.00
Remote controlled Daleks x 3 . £20.00
10 Whoopees & Shiver & Shakes . £20

Beryl The Peril annuals             £19.35
Dredd board game                      £17.50
Oor Wullie Broons x 4              £15.00
Smash annuals x 4                     £13.63
6 x NMEs 2001                         £10.00
Doctor Who annual 78              £10.00
Dr Who figs Eccleston 3            £10.00

Superman Annual 1960             £9.90
Dennis The Menace annuals      £8.50
15 x Look-Ins                             £8.00
Dr Who figs Wolf & Angel       £8.00
14 Look-Ins                               £8.01
4 x Marvel B&W mags .           £6.61
Planet Des Singes no 1              £6.56
Load Runner comic                   £5.50
Planet Of The Apes no 2           £5.00

Eagle annuals x 3                       £4.95
Dr Who figs Tennant x 3 .         £4.20
3 Lion annuals                           £3.20
VHS Shada                                 £3.72
Record Mirror 1978                   £3.71
Buster annual 1966                    £3.29
Daredevil 181                            £3.20
2 x NMEs 1983                         £2.90
Daredevil 180                           £2.80
Film Show annual                      £2.50
Daredevil 177                           £2.50
2000AD annual 79                   £2.50
2000ad annual 84 & 85            £2.50
2000AD annuals 86-88            £2.50
Judge Dredd annuals x 3          £2.50
TV21 annual 1969                   £2.50
Beano & Sparky annuals .        £2.07
Valiant annuals x 3                    £2.00
3 x Doctor Who adventures .   £1.99
2 Dandy Annuals                      £1.80
VHS Hartnell Years                   £1.20
Look In annual                           £1.10
Dr Who adventures no 1 .          99p
9 x Dr Who VHS tapes .           90p each
VHS Death To The Daleks .      50p

So it adds up. To a couple of day's pay if I was working at a school or drawing comics. And that's before I've deducted eBay's percentage, Paypal's percentage, and envelopes, sellotape, and my time spent wrapping & schlepping to the Post Office. It's strangely addictive, but it won't be such a bad thing when I become too busy for such silliness very shortly.

The lesson I've learned is that there's money to be raised by selling The Family Silver (eg Trigan Empire book, Clavinova, and slightly rare books and comics - almost all of the above coming from the cupboards of Kibworth, meaning I've not seen them or remembered their existence for 40 years so won't miss them), and not to price anything as low as I did with those VHS tapes. If it doesn't go for £2.50, then I might as well keep it or take it to the charity shop.

Here's the checklist of what I'd put up by Jan 17th, most of which didn't sell. (Ebay doesn't give me a list of unsold items that I've removed from sale after they've flopped, but they include two Hurricane annuals and a kids Encyclopedia from my childhood, neither of which was ever going to get a bite. The unsold Doctor Who Adventures mags and Dr Who VHS tapes have gone back into storage till history wises up about their value.)

And the next stupid thing I've tried listing? Sheet music. Not a bite. And I've got mountains of this stuff which, you'd think, would be rare as hens teeth and twice as collectible. I know nothing.

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