Saturday, 24 April 2021

Socks Live Shows 2021

The Socks should be returning to the actual live stage, in the real world, in just a few weeks time. Here are the dates. Spread the word and let's sell these babies out.

Sat May 29th (late addition) - Market Harborough Drive In Gig!

June 11th - Bath Widcombe Social Club, on a top bill of comics with a 20 minute set

June 26th - Zion Arts Bristol, giving them our Shakespeare outsde. Yes, Open Air Shakespeare! A first (tickets coming soon)

July 2nd - Lichfield Garrick, our most postponed show yet, see our first proper full indoor hour, and the debut of our new Fingers Crossed show.

July 3rd - Clevedon Theatre Shop, a home gig, and they're getting Superheroes, making its first proper live outing in a few years (after a run through online last week)

July 4th - Derby Bar One, our regular Edinburgh Preview show will be getting Fingers Crossed. Though whether we actually take the show to Edinburgh remains in doubt.

July 18th - Sheffield New Barrack Tavern, another Edinburgh Preview, as above.

July 24th - Bedford Fringe. We're back at the Quarry Theatre, at the festival that we've played for more consecutive years than we've played Edinburgh itself. They're getting Fingers Crossed, which should be ready to be seen by then.

Hopefully more shows will be added. In the meantime our next two Zoom shows await your attendance:

Friday April 30th - Social Club 2
Friday May 14th - Eurovision Sock Contest

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