Friday, 28 May 2021

Comic Cuts - the first three recordings

On Wednesday I recorded my first three Comic Cuts podcast episodes, and I'm genuinely pleased with them. Technical issues notwithstanding that is. I've found that I need to give a little more attention to the quality of sound recording, and I'm working on it. The first recording was with Ashley Storrie and Louise Leigh. You can see their comic panel choices in the episode image (above) and I won't be spoilering any of these by giving the answers away before the broadcast goes out. I had this one edited and ready to go before I recorded the second show, I'll be scheduling it in the weeks to come.

Recording number two was Doug Segal and Iszi Lawrence, and this is the episode I've chosen to go out as our debut. Doug & Iszi both recorded their own vocal tracks separately and sent them to me. Had I recorded my own separately this might have been a perfect recording. As it is, my voice came only from the Zoom track, meaning it has the other guys voices in the same track. Inevitably this one took longer to edit than the others have done, but it was worth it. We have a great and wide ranging conversation, that takes us away from the source material in inspiring ways I couldn't have anticipated. And all squeezed into a 35 minute episode (I was trying to get it down to 30 mins, but sometimes you can only trim so much).

Episode 1, Doug & Iszi, is here on Buzzsprout, and already comes up on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, as well as Amazon Music Podchaser, Podcast Addict, Deezer and others. 

The third recording of the day was Sonia Leong and Nigel Parkinson, and is going out as episode two (on Friday, after which we'll release them weekly). Once more the conversation was wide ranging and inspired, and I struggled to edit it down to 38 minutes. 

This one, however, suffered from the worst of my tech issues. Though my microphone was set at the same level as it had been for Ashley & Louise in the morning, for some reason there's sound bleed through my headphones which means you get an echo on Sonia and Nigel's voices which are all on the Zoom track, and my voice is peaking. Hopefully the "Magic Mastering" feature on Buzzsprout has equalised our voices slightly. But I'm going to have to address my microphone issues (which haven't cause me any problems for the last year of Socks performances, but are suddenly noticeable in podcast recordings) before the next batch of shows.

Episode 2, Sonia & Nigel, is here on Buzzsprout, and should be on all the usual outlets.

On Monday I'm recording Peter Hogan with Bethany Black, and Jessica Martin with Wil Hodgson, and on Wednesday I have Jaleelah Galbraith with Okse, Laura Howel with Nigel Auchterlounie, and David Leach with Laura Watton. Here's to perfect sound and even better chat, eh?

Talking of changing the subject, I've produced my first ever banner, for use at comic conventions. It should be appearing at LFCC in London in July, the Lakes in October, and Thought Bubble in Harrogate in November. It makes its debut in Clevedon next month...

My first live Comic Art Masterclass, open to the public, is Sat June 12th  at Princes Hall Clevedon. Book now!

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