Wednesday, 26 May 2021

Comic Cuts - The Panel Show. I'm doing a podcast

At the weekend I chatted in the car with Hev about the idea of doing a podcast - because she's started doing one with Dr Jude Montague, which you can hear here, and I was inspired.  

Lo, by the end of Monday, I've got rsvps from probably 25 guests (the tally keeps going up) and have lined up my first recordings for Wednesday. 

The title is Comic Cuts - The Panel Show. Steve Noble can take credit for the second part of that title, reminding me of the "panel" pun inherent in the concept (having googled and found there are already shows called The Panel, and one about comics called The Panel Panel, we wound up with what you now see).

The concept is, to be honest, borrowed from a TV show that was on Channel 4 in the 80s called Gallery, where George Melly and guests, including Maggie Hambling, would see a tiny detail from a painting, try and guess what it was, then chat about it. That's what we're doing, with two guests per show, and all about comics. My starting point being that I wasn't aware of any podcasts covering British comics. It turns out there are in fact quite a few, which I've started dipping into. Though, to date, I'm mostly hearing discussion of 2000AD or American comics. Let us see if my format, which also owes a lot to Radio 4's A Good Read, works when I've recorded the first few.

Lined up for Wednesday I have Louise Leigh with Ashley Storrie, Iszi Lawrence with Doug Segal, and Nigel Parkinson with Sonia Leong. And the following Wednesday I've lined up Okse with Jaleelah Galbraith, Nigel Auchterlounie with Laura Howell, and David Leach with Laura Watton.

On the rsvp'd list I have Dean Friedman, Juliet Myers, Peter Hogan, Bethany Black, Jessica Martin, Paul Savage, Gary Northfield, Wil Hodgson, David Roach, Alex Collier, Simon Donald, Rik Carranza, and of course Steve Noble and Hev, with more on the possibles list (and only two No's, who I'll leave anonymous, they were both very polite). I'm trying to keep the male/female balance even if I can, to avoid being another two-blokes-in-a-shed cast.

Let us see how flat on its face this venture falls, shall we?

My first live Comic Art Masterclass, open to the public, is Sat June 12th  at Princes Hall Clevedon. Book now!

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