Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Leicester Work In Progress Festival

Hooray, we're appearing at Dave's Leicester Work In Progress Festival

On Friday 13th the Socks are playing in Leicester, and you'd better move fast if you want those tickets cos we'd (genuinely) sold more than half of them, before the programme came out.

And it's great to have the programme in our hands for this year's W.I.P.Fest. What, hadn't you heard about the change of title? Yeah, it used to be the Leicester Comedy Festival, but now we comedians have decided to stop pretending that we're all giving you complete and finished shows each February, and instead we've come clean about it.

A record-breaking 64 shows have the words Work In Progress, as part of their title. Well, a few have been circumloquacious about it. So...

Nick Helm's is Masterwork In Progress
Lost Voice Guy's is Walk In Progress
Both Brennan Reece and Diane Spencer have called theirs Smirk In Progress
Getting There is Jerk In Progress
Tony Law's is Nonsense In Progress
and Erich McElroy's is Candidate In Progress

But that still leaves 56 shows with an unabashed Work In Progress as part of their listed title.

Leicester, being the first comedy festival of the year, has established itself as the perfect opportunity to begin work on the shows which will finally flourish in August in Edinburgh. We've done the same with it ourself, in particular with 2013's Socks In Space where we unveiled an hour of almost entirely new space-based stuff, most of which we'd junked six months later. Usually though we offer a mix of old and new.

This year we'll be giving them the best of last August's satire show And So Am I, none of which was written as far back as last February, and we'll be mixing in a few new pieces from the 2015 show Minging Detectives, and what's the betting most of that's history by August.

Leicester's Comedy Festival has its biggest line up ever, with over 700 shows taking place (so, in context, not even 10% of those are Work In Progress, or at least not in the titles), making it easily the biggest comedy festival in the country outside of Edinburgh. Did I mention the first ever Edinburgh Fringe programme we got, in 1984, with its single page of comedy show listings? Ah (over-repeated) memories.

Book now for Scottish Falsetto Socks 2015 (which was the work-in-progress title when we booked the show into the programme late last year). Now if you'll excuse us, we still have to write it. (Think of this rushed scribbling as a blog in process).

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