Sunday, 25 January 2015

Socks Crime Reject bonus - and the titles so far

We've been running down the titles that the Scottish Falsetto Socks have rejected in the process of naming their new crime-based show, and as we go we've been inviting your suggestions. We've had some fantastic ideas sent in on Facebook and Twitter, and above we see one that's been suggested a few times so we couldn't resist drawing it up. Here are the titles that we've already seen:

And here are some of the latest fan suggestions to have come in.

Alan Holloway Woolfellas

Ian Ellery The Thirty Nine Insteps (see above, Ian), To Kill a Sockingbird, Odour most Foul.

Paula Cuccurullo Psocko...

21h21 Anyone suggested "The Undarnables"

George Liston "The Silence of the Socks"? Mime could be tricky...!

15h15  The Third Sock? (Subtitle "...and so is she?")*

*The first fan suggestion to correctly name any of the original 10 we came up with!

Aw I'm so proud. I was going to go with The Sock Who Knew Too Much but I thought you could have more fun with a zither.

Keep them coming folks, the real title is revealed this week.

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