Thursday, 1 January 2015

The US Country Music chart's grisly secret

Have I just uncovered a crime? Chancing to read the Billboard American Country Music chart of the bestselling country records of 2014, it looks for all the world like someone's spent the whole last year leaving a series of subtle clues.

January to March's number 1s, in order, read like a night out with the Good Old Boys and a little lady in a Southern bar:

"Drink a Beer"
"Chillin' It"
"Bottoms Up"

In fact this whole first act is summed up by the summer's big number ones:

"This Is How We Roll"
 "Play It Again"

 In July our story starts to take a dark turn with:

"Somethin' Bad"

Oh no, do we have to dispose of a body or something? How on earth would we do that? Perhaps July to September's number ones have some suggestions of where we could take it, what we'd dig down into, and then how we'd destroy any remaining evidence?

"Burnin' It Down"

Then we have to make our getaway. But, as November's big number one suggests, we've left a clue:

"Leave the Night On"

...or two:

"Something in the Water"

What a dreadful crime? Who's going to come along and solve it? Let's ask December's number one:

"Shotgun Rider"

It will be exciting to see how this plot is resolved through 2015's Country number ones. Stay tuned, y'all.

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