Friday 23 January 2015

Socks Crime Reject No 5 - The Big Slipper

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's brand new show, for the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 (and then the world) is on the subject of crime, thrillers, murder mysteries, spies and more crime. But what to call it? They have finally chosen a title, but not before they'd rejected ten good runners up. What were those you ask?

Rejected title Number 5 - The Big Slipper. (We didn't say these were all great titles. That's largely why they're the rejects. Bear with us, better to come)

We've already seen Brighton Sock, The 39 Insteps, Good Smellas, Lock Sock and Two Smoking Barrels and Chinatoon. And you'll find dozens of fan suggestions here from Facebook, one of which hits the nail on the head, but we're not telling you which.

And how's this for a stellar suggestion? Only Britain's top crime writer suggesting a title for us! And here are some more titles that are close but no cigar:

Prime Suspender, A snitch in crime saves time, Cheesy blinders, Wollandar, Dixons of Sock Green? 

The Sockford Files 

A Sock in Scarlet, Socks and Crosses, A Sock in the Night, The Maltese Sock, Enter The Sock (and all the other Saint titles)

M&S Confidential?

So what title have the Socks chosen? Stay tuned...

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