Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Socks Crime Rejected title No 9 - Get Shortie

So we're one day away from finally finding out the title of the Scottish Falsetto Socks new crime themed show, and here's Rejected title Number 9 - Get Shortie.

We've had some trememndous #scottishsockcrime suggestions, though most people have been concentrating on the footwear puns and hardly anybody's made anything of the Scottish part. One last clue for you, the finished title incorporates socks and Scottishness. Your guesses are still welcomed, here's the latest trickle:

has someone already suggested "The Name of the Hose" or "Memento(es)" ? Knitcliffe? Murder She Wrote with Jessocka Fletcher? The Sockford Files? Ok, stopping now . . .

Marathon Sock. Socks on a Train. Sneakers?

Marika Tiainen Reservoir Socks?
Simon Shaw Mid-socker Murders?  

Sally Hinkley Sock IsShoes

Derek Guy  Un-Ironedside
So what title have they chosen? Stay tuned...

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