Thursday, 29 January 2015

The Socks new crime show - Final rejected title

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's brand new show, rejected title Number 10 - Shin City. (Tenuous footwear-related pun, but nifty poster, no?)

The final few guesses that came in (once we'd pointed out the title would reference our Scottishness as well as our footwearocity) included:

Ian Ellery A Dame to Kilt For, Natural Born Kilters, Kilt Bill, The Kilting,  and The Girl With The Haggis Tattoo (brilliant)

The Sock with the Edinburgh Tattoo (equally brilliant), The Ochils Have Ayes

Pete Renshaw The long good Paisley, Godfather part tweed

Alan Woollcombe Loch, Sock and Two Smoking Barrels, Sock Ness, A Sockwork Orange

Asockalypse Now, Silence of the Lambswool

So enough of the guessing, here's a last look at the rejected titles and fan suggestions that we've illustrated over the past week:

And what title have The Socks chosen? We'll make you wait no longer. It is....


Ian Ellery said...


Lynne McGregor said...

Bloody brilliant. Also pretty chuffed to get a couple of mentions in despatches. Milady x

Alan Woollcombe said...

Good choice - the TV series was a great yarn.
Plus, if you check out the episode titles, the last one should now be "Who Darn It"

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