Saturday 24 January 2015

Socks Crime Reject title 6 - Rear Windae

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's brand new show, for the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 (and then the world) is on the subject of crime, thrillers, murder mysteries, spies and more crime. But what to call it? They have finally chosen a title, but not before they'd rejected ten good runners up. What were those you ask?

Rejected title Number 6 - Rear Windae.

We've already seen Brighton Sock, The 39 Insteps, Good Smellas, Lock Sock and Two Smoking Barrels, Chinatoon and The Big Slipper.  We've had lots of great fan suggestions on Facebook, Twitter and summed up here on the blog. Here are more of the latest incoming:

The Sockford Files

The Sock Who Came In From The Cold ?

Falsetto Trek II: The Search For Socks

I'm assuming someone has already suggested The Usual Sockspects?

Crime Sock Investigators?
  Naval Criminal Intelligence Socks

dixon of sock green?

Pete Renshaw Ah it helps that we can use shoes as well...'Farewell my loafer' comes to mind.
I the Hosiery... very fond of Micky Spillane.
Or, rifing on previous Raymond Chandler 'Fairisles my lovely'

Thought of another one… The Sockford Files!

 Blame the late hour and my love of wordplay… Sew Darn Impact, starring Clint Eastwool?!

Alan Woollcombe 'Clog Day Afternoon.'   

So what title have they chosen? Stay tuned...

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