Sunday, 25 January 2015

Socks Crime Reject title(s) No 7 - Woollander and more

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's brand new show, for the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 (and then the world) is on the subject of crime, thrillers, murder mysteries, spies and more crime. But what to call it? They have finally chosen a title, but not before they'd rejected ten good runners up. What were those you ask?

Rejected title Number 7 - Woollander.

We've already seen Brighton Sock, The 39 Insteps, Good Smellas, Lock Sock and Two Smoking Barrels, Chinatoon, The Big Slipper and Rear Windae.  Your suggestions can be found on Facebook, Twitter and summed up here on the blog. Keep guessing folks.

PS, how's about this for a bonus?

(Original) Rejected title Number 7 - The Third Sock.

This was going to be the 7th rejected title, but it's now 7a, cos frankly it's not that good a gag, or that memorable an image. Still, enjoy.

So what title have they chosen? Stay tuned...

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