Thursday, 22 January 2015

Signed Michael Bentine Potty Encyclopedia on eBay

I don't often put things on eBay, but if they all turned as big a profit as this book I could be tempted to do it more often.

Last weekend when Heather and I were away at a dinner party near Reading, we stayed over in Aldermaston then went into High Wycombe on the Sunday. Which is where I found, in a charity bookshop, a signed copy of Michael Bentine's Potty Encyclopedia, from 1985.

I was a Potty Time fan as a kid, but had long grown out of it by the time this book came out, and I bought it purely because of the signature inside and the thought that it might be worth more than the 99p I paid for it. And, as it turns out, it was. And, for the record, it's quite a fun silly read too, full of the sort of gags I rather make my living out of with the Socks.

At time of writing it's going for a little over thirty quid. Stay tuned for gripping updates.

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