Wednesday 21 January 2015

Socks Crime Rejected title 3 - GoodSmellas

The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre's brand new show, for the Edinburgh Fringe 2015 (and then the world) is on the subject of crime, thrillers, murder mysteries, spies and more crime. But what to call it? They have finally chosen a title, but not before they'd rejected ten good runners up. What were those you ask?

Rejected title Number 3 - GoodSmellas.

(See also Brighton Sock and The 39 Insteps). And there have been some fantastic suggestions on Facebook:

Jason Manly The Maltese Sock? Farewell My Socky? The Shoe-sual Suspects? 10 Little Socks? I, The Sock? 12 Angry Socks?
 Lewis Cook I think its the Sockford Files

Peter Crocker Reservoir Socks. Darned & Dangerous. CSI:Crap Sock Investigators. Dixon of Sock Green. Z-Socks. The Sockford Files. The Minging Detective. NYPD Socks. Walking the Dead. Sockly Sockly Taskforce.

Tim Read Toe-tal Recall; The Hurt Socker;

Tim Read Or how about - The Sockth Sense?

Peter Clack Inspector Moss-Stitch....

Tim Read Socks - Degrees of Separation ?
Alan Woollcombe Free Socky? That Darned Cat? No Country For Old Socks? Some Like It Knitted? Goodknittas? Lock, Sock and Two Smoking Barrels? Bonnie and Crosspatterned? The Day The Wool Caught Fire?

Graham Exton Everything You Wanted to Know About Socks (But Were Afraid to Ask) ... crime.

Tim Bateman Oh, any novel or story by Cornell Woolrich.

Alan Woollcombe The Ladyknittters. Or Knit Knit Bang Bang.
Jason Manly The Sock Who Loved Me? Socks on a Train? Sockal Attraction? From Russia with Socks? Murder on the Sock Express? They Do it with Socks?

Tim Read Sockholm Syndrome - OK, you've had enough now 

So what title have they chosen? Stay tuned...

NB: Someone, in the posts above, has hit the nail on the head. But who...?

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