Sunday 17 March 2013

Battler Britten - now on Kindle

For the first time on Kindle (and other devices) you can now read Battler Britten, my World War Two Battling Air Ace comedy which first appeared in Blag & UT comics back in the nineties. Click for a free preview.

Revisiting this story (The Secret Agent), which was originally serialised over four issues of Blag comic, is a delight. The story rattles along and the puns are excruciating. If this proves popular, I have more sitting there in the comics waiting to be rescued. This story and Battler's origin strip appear in print in Tales Of Nambygate (a massive and invaluable volume available from Blurb), but subsequent stories The Yanks Are Coming and One Of Our Glen Millers Is Missing remain unpublished since 1992. And what about the newspaper strip version that ran in the Daily Sport for a year? The original artwork for that has been in a box somewhere for over twenty years. I might have a look.

Other books by me, available on Kindle.

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