Monday 25 March 2013

RCA Secret - my postcards

Once more I'm being exhibited at the Royal College of Art. Alongside 2700 others. Yes, it's the annual fundraising RCA Secret art auction where artists are invited to illustrate, decorate, deface or otherwise fill up a postcard with art and then their work is sold anonymously. Congratulations or commiserations (delete where applicable) to whoever bought my three cards. This is what they looked like (click to enlarge).

My three cards were all drawn in Malta back in February. And, whereas once I thought whoever bought my cards would be disappointed, thinking they might be getting a Hockney or a Peter Blake, last year I met one of my proud purchasers, a teacher at The Brit School in Croydon, who sought me out to tell me how much she'd liked my card which is why she'd bought it. Which, I suppose, should have been obvious to me. This rather suggests my automatic assumption is that all art collectors are crass and see artwork as investments and nothing else. Shame on me.

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