Sunday 17 March 2013

Those Kindle sales in full

Having put a new comic book up on Kindle for the first time in ages (Battler Britten No 1, get it while it's hot), I thought I'd take a look at how the sales of my other titles are doing since I uploaded the first ones in January last year. Don't get too excited everyone, those sales look like this...

No1 - Hot Rod Cow. The only one of my books that didn't get plugged with a blog post has sold more than the rest, with 114 copies downloaded. At 77p a time it's not making me rich but good to know it's out there being enjoyed.

In 2nd place at 38 copies is The Tock. Given that you pay £2.50 a copy, that's actually pretty good. Okay, I'm not Neil Gaiman, but it's a start, a toe in the water.

After which it all gets a bit risible.

The Scottish Falsetto Socks comic, which has only been on sale since August, is in 3rd place with 18 sales, beyond which I won't bother you with figures.
No 4 - Situation Murder (which, in celebration, I have now marked down in price to £1.50
No 5 - Mr Hawk The Immortal Partie (now down to £1.50)
No 6 - Lavender Millbank Mob
No 7 - Tales Of Nambygate - The Nit Inspector
No 8 - Go Wild In The Country
No 10 = Sinnerhound and Kiss Me Son Of God
Now come on everyone, I'm trying to build a publishing empire here. Do you really think I can do that on a dozen sales a month? What do you mean I should make more new comics? Cheeky.

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