Sunday 3 March 2013

My strip in this week's Radio Times

I've got some artwork in this week's Radio Times (2-8 March, buy it quick!). Obviously I can't show you the final published artwork, you have to buy the Radio Times to see that, but here's an exclusive sneak peek at the original pencil art. Can you spot the differences? (click to enlarge)

When you see the printed colour version you'll see quite a few changes, not the least of which being Barry Cryer, in the title box, has become a much more cartoony version, and it's him appearing in the actual joke, not some random bald bloke. You can look out also for a change in hairstyle for the farmer's wife, and for the subtle inclusion of my name, though I also get a printed credit too.

Thanks Radio Times for a fun job, though they've put such a brilliant faded-paper treatment over the top that I'd imagine most readers will assume the cartoon is actually from the 1950s. And remember folks, I'm always available for commissions.

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