Monday 25 March 2013

Doctor Who Sex Scandal - be careful what you wish for

Back in October, as the Savile story was breaking, I posted a blog with the provocative title Could Doctor Who be dragged into Savile sex scandal?. The answer was supposed to be no. Today the front cover of the Daily Mirror looks like this.

Reporting on Richard Marson's new biography of John Nathan Turner the Mirror, and of course the Mail, makes a lot of the behaviour of JNT and his boyfriend, the latter being more of a wrong 'un by the sound of it. The Doctor Who connection is pretty tenuous, with this Gary Downie bloke having nothing to do with the show, and the inclusion of a photo of Colin Baker on the front cover is dreadful (not that I didn't feature Colin & Jimmy Savile together in my own blog post, but that was different).

A far more intelligent and insightful review by Mathew Sweet can be found here in The Guardian.

Well, it wasn't the story I was expecting. I was thinking we might learn of unwanted behaviour by blokes in Ice Warrior costumes or some such, but this doesn't surprise me in the least. The only hope is that this story will blow over quickly. Maybe we could distract attention by digging up some dirt on Play School. After all, didn't it have a spin off show called Play Away? The clues were there....

Now, who's for a t-shirt..?

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