Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Captain Clevedon 1 now on sale

The first issue of Captain Clevedon is now officially on sale.

Captain Clevedon No 1 features a brand new 24 page adventure of Clevedon's own superhero plus the original 1994 debut story, reprinted for the first time. Written by Kev F Sutherland with art by Kev F, Garry McLaughlin, Glenn Fleming, Andrew Dodd, Soren Madsen and Phil Baber. See sample pages here.

UPDATE: You can now buy it online, here, from Ka-Blam for just $2.99. Comic fans will have a chance to get it on August 27 at BC 2011 comic convention in Birmingham.

Before that, and throughout the summer, you can get it in Clevedon at the following local outlets:

Clevedon Pier
The Curzon Cinema, Old Street, Clevedon
That Copyshop, Alexandra Road, Clevedon
Alexandra Road News
Splash Gallery Frameworks on Old Street - also offering framed copies!
Paper Planet, Triangle, Clevedon
Seeleys Newsagents, Hill Road, Clevedon
Tudor Books, Weston Super Mare

Only £1.99, get it quick.

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