Sunday, 28 August 2011

Selling comics at 2011BC + Youtoobling

Yesterday I had the pleasure of selling comics at the 2011BC comic convention, and also being asked to present Play Your Comics Right which was great fun. For the record, Sinnerhound was the surprise seller, shifting all but one copy. Captain Clevedon did well, selling the most, Hot Rod Cow shifted a few, and I sold three signed Beano annuals, a signed Beano comic and two Doctor Who t shirts (the leftovers of the Are You My Mummy and You Would Make A Good Dalek print run from 2005).

The surprise hit was Sinnerhound, a comedy adventure of a female highway robber in Georgian Leicester, of which I sold all but one copy. This was the title whose concept I thought couldn't get arrested. But it turns out cartoon characters in space (Hot Rod Cow) and spandex superheroes from Somerset (Captain Clevedon) capture the imagination less than a woman with swords and pistols in a basque, a mask and thigh-length boots stood in some mud saying Stand & Deliver. Who could have known?

Then we got home in time to watch Doctor Who (see earlier review), which was preceded by what looked like It's A Knockout and followed on ITV by what was to all intents and purposes New Faces. I think TV is intent on replaying my childhood.

Then I got into a bit of random Youtoobling, watching a video and seeing what, via YouTube Google or Wikipedia, it links to. Here were last night's fun findings...

Twiggy Here I Go Again

Here I Go Again, Country Joe & The Fish - who knew they did the original?

Twiggy to Stalin in 2 links on Wikipedia via Country Joe & The Fish, Here I Go Again

1, 2, 3 what are we fighting for? Country Joe McDonald (I-Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-to-Die Rag)

Hush children, what's that sound? For What It's Worth, Buffalo Springfield (intro'd by Peter Tork)

The Muppets, For What It's Worth. What's that sound?

The Muppets trailer. Yes, I am still #youtoobling

We Built This City On Rock & Roll, Jefferson Starship #youtoobling

Jefferson Airhead, Scrap Happy Baggy classic #youtoobling

Funny How, Airhead - So 90s #youtoobling

Kula Shaker, Hush #youtoobling

Hush, Deep Purple with Hugh Hefner Playboy After Dark #youtoobling

Deep Purple, Artie Shaw & Helen Forrest #youtoobling

Purple Rain, Prince #youtoobling

Purple Pants, Ponce via The Heebeegeebees #youtoobling

Y Bother, The Heebee Beegees #youtoobling

Some guys walking round a ruined city #youtoobling (OK, Beegees Staying Alive. But what is that set?)

Emotion, Samantha Sang #youtoobling

I Second That Emotion, Japan #youtoobling

Emotion, Destiny's Child Same song, way more notes #youtoobling

My Boo, Kelly Rowland #youtoobling

Betty Boo, Doin' The Do, Alison Clarkson #youtoobling

Captain Of Your Ship Calling, Reparata & The Delrons #youtoobling

Herman's Head - what tonight's #drwho reminded me of. And The Numbskulls. #youtoobling

Crushed By The Wheels Of Industry, Heaven 17 #youtoobling

Hyperactive, Thomas Dolby #youtoobling

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