Sunday, 7 August 2011

Socks Edfringe Diary - Wet Day in Edinburgh flashback

Seems it's quite wet in Edinburgh. I say quite wet. Dave Gorman Just tweeted this photo of Princes St Gardens:

This can be a regular occurence, as the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre celebrated in song back in 2008:

This weather is in marked contrast to the conditions we were very lucky to experience last night as Hev & I watched the Lord Chamberlain's Men perform an excellent and laugh out loud hilarious Midsummer Night's Dream in the grounds of Tyntesfield House, just down the road from us.

If you get the chance to see them, they really are magnificent, getting laughs and injecting great physical comedy into scenes which I'd only ever scene played straight before. Seven players, all male, perform all the parts, with no weak elements in the cast and every one getting a good response at some point or other, with an exceptionally charismatic and physical Puck, a surprisingly funny Peter Quince, and a fabulous tall and short double act of Hermia & Helena with gags I hadn't realised were there before. Their Pyramus & Thisbe, which is always good, had the audience in tears. And what an audience.

Photo courtesy of @jennysutcliffe on Twitter

The organisers were overwhelmed by the success of the sales and struggled to fit us all into a space where we'd see and hear the show. But from our back row seat we got a grand view, with the stage stood against the backdrop of one of the most beautiful gothic monstrosity houses in the world. What a brilliant way to spend a night. Sunset was beautiful, the show finished in darkness, and there was no rain whatsoever until we'd been home for a good half hour, at which point it decided to lash down. That's the secret of comedy. Timing.

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